Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guess My Wedding Venue

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and had the opportunity to enjoy spending time with loved ones. I am so excited to get back to blogging my little heart out. I thought it would be fun to share with you something that is going to be a huge part of my life in wedding venue! I knew going into my venue search that I wanted something rustic and unique. Below you'll see the venues that I was deciding between. One of them stole my heart a bit more than the other and is the place that I'm saying I do! Which one do you think it is!?!?!

Option 1: Log Cabin

San Francisco; wedding venues

San Francisco; wedding venues

San Francisco; wedding venues

San Francisco; wedding venues

San Francisco; wedding venues

Log Cabin Pros: location/view, cozy feel, the built in rustic lighting, fireplace
Log Cabin Cons: confined to one room, small bathrooms, little separation from tables to dance floor

Option 2: Old Western Town

San Francisco; wedding venues

San Francisco; wedding venues

San Francisco; wedding venues

San Francisco; wedding venues

San Francisco; wedding venues

Old Western Town Pros: huge space, insanely unique, full functioning saloon and chapel, fun atmosphere
Old Western Town Cons: less convenient location for guests, reception tables would be outside

Soooo.... what do you think? Which one do you think is my wedding venue?!?! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Polka Dots and Mustard

I'm a ketchup girl. Okay... I lie. Sometimes I'll put some mustard on my hot dog but I never just put mustard. Good thing my post is about fashion and not hot dogs because I'm all about smothering my closet with mustard.

Well... and polka dots too! How cute are they? Big or small. Doesn't matter. I like them all. Red or blue.  On my shirt or on my shoe. Thank you Doctor Seuss. I still have the rhyme it me!

You know what I don't like polka dots with though? My hot dogs. Enjoy!  ;)

Polka Dots and Mustard; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Polka Dots and Mustard; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Polka Dots and Mustard; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Leather Bow Bracelet/Old Navy

Monday, December 17, 2012

Fashion Trend: Sexy Smart Is In!

Have you noticed a ton of celebrities sporting glasses right now? Big names like Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway and Lauren Conrad have been seen looking oh so sexy smart (and fashionable) with glasses on.

Here's the deal... I don't know if all the celebs rocking this look actually need glasses or if they have bad vision! Either way... they are looking great. Let's face it, contacts are soooo out and glasses are back in! Yay!

Now, I don't actually need glasses but that doesn't stop me from wearing them because I love them! I'm always on the hunt for non-prescription glasses. Remember my big funky pink ones here? Or how about the ones I found with the mustache in Vegas???

I just got my hands on the nicest pair of non-prescription glasses that I've ever seen. They showed up with a nice carrying case, pouch and a nice glass wipe. I was impressed with how fast they showed up at my door and even more impressed with how awesome they look on. What do you think????

Firmoo; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Firmoo; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Of course there's only one place these beauties could have been from!!! If you haven't heard of or been there yet, run runnnnnnnn to their website. It doesn't matter if you actually need glasses or not. They definitely have something for everyone. They also have you covered for sunglasses and goggles too.

I picked out my pair using the websites feature to actually see what the glasses would look like on before buying them. Yep, you can actually download a picture of your face!

There is no excuse to not get your glasses from They treat their customers so well and even do a first pair free program worldwide. You only have to pay for shipping. Total steal!!! If you happen to not like them then you can refund or exchange them... but I doubt you won't like them.  :)

Firmoo; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Firmoo; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Like the ones I picked out? Get this pair right here!
Top/Kohl's/Princess Vera Wang ...apparently it is on sale right now for only $16.99!
Chain link short necklace/Kohl's
Leather Bow Bracelet/Old Navy
Shoes/Famous Footwear/Hot Kiss

While this was a sponsored post, this is my honest opinion and you will be seeing me rock these glasses a ton because I LOVE them. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Vodka Inspired Outfit! Yep. Oddka Vodka!

Look at my outfit then read my post. It will make a lot of sense! I'm looking good for Wit.  ;)
Oddka Vodka; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger
Yes... yes... we have our holiday outfits picked out and gift ideas but what about the most important thing of all??? Holiday drinks! Mixology is a serious art form.

Whenever I stray away from my typical wine I definitely go for vodka. This is especially true for when I'm at a bar and the atmosphere is more laid back. I never go for the plain old vodka though. I always want a fancy flavor. I'm a little burnt out on raspberry vodka though.

When I learned about Oddka Vodka I knew I had something to look forward to. First of all, the name of the vodka is Oddka. That right there already tells you that this is going to be something good!

Oddka Vodka; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger
This ingenious vodka line was created by the premium spirits and wine company Pernod Ricard and was released in October of this year in Alabama, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. The amazing news is that it is going to be released globally this spring. YAY!

The suggested retail price is $15.99 for 750ml bottles, which is super reasonable. It comes in regular clear vodka but my favorite are the 5 fun flavors below!

Check out how cute their logo is too!

Oddka Vodka;

Oddka Vodka;
Apple Pie: For when you desperately yearn for the sweet taste of apples and cinnamon and can’t get one of grandma’s apple pies. Mixes best with Fanta, Coke or Ginger Ale.

Electricity: A bolt of lightning in a bottle—but safer; tickling taste buds and sparking curiosity everywhere.

Fresh Cut Grass: Nothing beats this home-mown taste; it’s crisp, citrusy, sweet and refreshing. Mixes best with Dr. Pepper, Ginger Beer or Soda Water.

Salty Caramel Popcorn: If ODDKA were a movie, this flavor would be a caramel comedy with a sea salt subplot and a warm, feel-good ending. Mixes best with Fanta, Ginger Ale, Coke or Iced Tea.

Wasabi: This tribute to the spicy burn of the sharp Asian condiment will satisfy your craving for something fiery. Mixes best with Ginger Ale and is perfect for a Bloody Mary.

OMG!!! I am so excited about Salty Caramel Popcorn and Wasabi. Can you get more interesting?!?!

Check out the amazing bottles, colors and cocktail mixtures right here!

I love Wit! He is the voice and inspiration for the vodka. You must check out this video. He is so cute. I may have a 2-dimensional crush on him. Is that okay???

Do you have a crush on him now too? I love that you can interact with him on the Oddstache mobile app and.... wait for it... you can grow your own mustache. The app is free and so much fun. 

The mustache will grow with grooming and being fed in the form of getting likes on Facebook. Brilliant!

I hope you are just as excited for Oddka Vodka as I am. 

To learn more about ODDKA and Wit’s adventures, “Like” ODDKA Vodka on Facebook or follow Wit on Twitter at @WitOddoski.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Oddka.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little Black Dress 4 Ways

A little black dress is the perfect item to have in your closet this holiday season. I feel like it is the equivalent to a clean slate for artists. In the fashion world, the options with a little black dress are pretty much endless!

This is perfect for all the different holiday doings. A few changes of accessories can take a look for sassy to classic. I LOVE that!

I designed my perfect little black dress at eShakti. Have you shopped through them before? If not, you must go check out their website. Beware... you will end up spending a large chunk of time browsing because there are so many fabulous options!

If you like having a say in the styling of your outfit then you will love eShakti. Everything is made to order and customized. You can have your items made exactly for your measurements! Also, you'll have the option of changing dress lengths, change in sleeves and the cut around the neck just to name a few. Actually, they sell tons of clothes from skirts to cardigans too so seriously you can have a perfect fitting wardrobe!

I customized the dress by adding the bracelet length sleeves and shortening up the dress a tad. Best of all, the cost is insanely reasonable. I'm in love!

I came up with four different holiday looks. I let my fiance` choose which one was his favorite and I wore that one out to the holiday event we attended. Which one do you think he chose? You'll find that at the end.

Which look is your favorite?

Little Black Dress; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger


Little Black Dress; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger


Little Black Dress; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger


Little Black Dress; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

My fiance` chose this look as his favorite. Do you agree?

Little Black Dress; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Here is a better look at the fabulous dress.  :)

Little Black Dress; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Like this dress too? Check out the awesome selection here

Monday, December 10, 2012

Style Lookbook: Rockin' the Leather Skirt

I couldn't wait to put some of my items from my $100 shopping challenge into good use. I paired the leather skirt, with the leopard loafers and the gold knot earrings.

So crazy enough, my inspiration for this look came from crazing a piece of dark chocolate. I was thinking about how I would describe the taste of it and the best adjectives that came to mind were rich and decadent. I thought...hmmm... looking rich and decadent wouldn't be such a bad thing either!

The skirt already has this feel with the texture and the way it flows. I chose to wear it with this top because the color and the bit of shimmer were perfect for what I was wanting to achieve. Add some knee highs and a layered bow and gold heart necklace and done! :)

Leather Skirt, San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Leather Skirt, San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Leather Skirt, San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Leather Skirt, San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Faux Leather Skirt/Local Boutique

Thursday, December 6, 2012

$100 Shopping Challenge

Do you ever give yourself a shopping challenge just for fun? Okay, this may sound a little strange but when I give myself some sort of task that I must complete I feel like the MacGyver of the shopping world.

So I may not be creating machinery out of rubber bands BUT keeping under a $100 shopping budget when you want to buy multiple items can be hard! I had to work for this. I mean I even went home with an appetite built up.

I did it though. I was able to buy everything I was looking for and stay under $100! Here is what I was on the mission for:
"Leather" skirt
"Leather" leggings
Funky gold stud earrings
Patterned leggings
Leopard scarf
Peplum top that actually looks right on my body frame

$100 Shopping Challenge; leather skirt; leather leggings; leopard loafers; leopard scarf; polka dot peplum top; San Francisco Fashion and Beauty Blogger

So I was most impressed with the faux leather skirt and the loafers. I thought those were really great steals! Also, I don't know if anyone else has had this same issue but every store I've been to has been out of the leopard loafers in my size. I guess everyone in San Francisco is a size 7 1/2. I should start looking down when I walk. I may notice that it looks like an African safari with how long they've been sold out! You'll never believe where I finally found a pair. Wait for it..... Payless

I mean, take a look at these two items below that are amazing BUT the ones I found look almost identical for a fraction of the cost.

Now I can wear those outfits I threw together to wear with my pumped up kicks too.  :)

Leopard Loafers and Leather Skirt